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The best vacation in the Crimea, Novy Svet

Sudak - seaside town in south-eastern Crimea - a very interesting corner of the Crimea in a surprisingly large and diverse silhouettes and colors of a mountain bowl. In the Middle Ages is one of the largest centers of world trade, as evidenced by the huge and ancient krepost.V ancient town had many names: Byzantium - Sidagios and Sugdeya, Italians - Soldi, in the ancient sources - Surozh, and only in Ottoman times the city was named Sudak which is to this day. Sudak is situated in the middle of the south-eastern coast of the Crimea, 47 kilometers north-east of Alushta and 42 kilometers south-west of Theodosia. From north ridge Sudak closed mountains covered with beech forest, and from the east is arid Kapselskaya valley, with the west - the area is typical Mediterranean species. Sudak region of Crimea - the territory, subordinate to the city council Sudak, includes in addition to the actual number of villages Sudak. This Kanaka, with its unique valley, which combines all the charm of the mountain area and sea. This and the New World with its microclimate, nothing on similar vegetation and history.

Noviy Svet its unique beauty and exceptional climate is similar to the nature of the Mediterranean and is one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea and the globe. The village is protected by mountains from cold winds, has a soft and smooth similar to the subtropical climate. Spring in the New World, an incredibly beautiful and begins earlier than even in the city of Sudak, which are only a few kilometers. Summer warm and sunny, a lot of hot and dry days. Particularly hot in the New World: in July and August, but summer heat is here easily because the temperature difference between land and sea. The sea in the bays of the New World evenly heated and kept warm for a long time, so that the swimming season begins in May and ends in October, the water reaches + 18. In the settlement of the New World is still working factory of sparkling wines, based more Prince Golitsyn in 1878.

Summer rest in Sudak will give a good mood for the whole year, energy and give impressions of the sea . Unique flavor and medicinal properties are often given a hot summer sun, juniper forests. In Crimea there is something mysterious, and therefore there is a desire of those who has been on vacation in the Crimea, returning again and again. Do not sit in Sudak, Crimea look at all, because he is so different, and it will be best vacation in the Crimea, which will remain for long in your hearts!


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