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Private hotels in Crimea

Today Crimea - is not only beloved peninsula, but also the elite European resort. Many hotels in Crimea offer a decent service that meets European standards. The abundance of hotels, wonderful climate and unsurpassed nature voznosmit Crimea in the most popular resort. On farms royal estates built hotels in Crimea, which raspolazhilis in the most picturesque corners of the peninsula, offering views of the magical landscapes of the Crimea. Thus elevating private hotel in Crimea in the category of spa facilities, with unique kraevidom. Recreation and Housing in Sudak is a unique alliance of human civilization and preserved nature. Amazing corner of nature stands in front of the guests of this resort in the village of Novy Svet, the village has noticed Shalyapov and Golitsyn, who stayed here for many years. Novyi Svet bays, wonderful pine trees, rocky shore and underwater world, give this resort incomparable beauty, and even similarity malnkogo you will not find anywhere else. Eve in Crimea offers comfortable rooms, fabulous restaurants and a number of additional services for a fruitful holiday. Above all, having the flow of free time, many make private tours on the trail Golitsyn, visit the factory of sparkling wines and conduct a tasting of sparkling wines. Boat trips, bus tours, horseback riding and walking tours will leave unforgettable impressions, after a holiday in the New World. Small town and the best hotels of Crimea will leave only positive feelings about the conduct of his vacation in Crimea.

Crimean Peninsula has many small resort areas, which are generally united in one structure and offer their guests a great program. In Crimea you can see some interesting specimens of plants that do not meet any more which, to combine a comfortable vacation with treatment, a wonderful vacation with children and the whole family, and just walk through forests and mountain tops.


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