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Activities in the summer in the Crimea

Crimea today is neobyatye invistitsy space for the development of spa businesses, because the peninsula in its beauty and strangeness, provides forums for many international resorts. Here is everything that could please fans of comfort and holding area.

Different regions of the resorts offer their opredelenyy comfort and service, as well as natural conditions characterize a particular resort. But not only the resort regions suggest their diversity. If the western Crimea offers spacious, sandy beaches and rocky shores of the South Coast and shingle beaches, but the east coast of combining them all and added to its uniqueness. Private Hotels Sudak and Feodosia, as well as dozens of resort villages offer a unique vacation in Crimea. Feodosia is famous for its sandy beach, which rasskinulsya for tens of kilometers from Feodosia to Seaside. The underwater reefs and rock mixed with sandy beach and offers Koktebel Ordzhonikdze. Reserved territory of the Kara-Dag attracts many tourists not only walks on foot, but also by boat, which carry many of the local boats. These boats travel through from Feodosia to Kanak and further to the South Coast, because it is here to keep a beautiful bay.

Many visitors and offers tours in the Crimea the New World, with its unique beauty and The climate is similar to the nature of Mediterranean and is one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea and the globe. The village is protected by mountains from cold winds, has a soft and smooth similar to subtropical climate. The sea in the bays of the New World evenly heated and stores heat for a long time, so that the swimming season begins in May and ends in October. In the settlement of the New World is still working factory of sparkling wines, founded by Prince Golitsyn in 1878.

Holidays in Crimea in the summer will bring good mood for the whole year, energy and give impressions of the sea. The unique flavor and medicinal properties give, hot summer sun, the juniper forests. In Crimea there is something mysterious, and therefore there is a desire among those who have ever been on vacation in Crimea, returning again and again.

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