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Handmade beauty of our hotel only forestalls divine charm of sea bays, mountain peaks you will be lucky to discover. Your way will pass through a relic juniper grove – one of the most unique natural phenomena. Although the age of some samples of trees is about a thousand year and a half, juniper is a very vulnerable plant, before environmental changes and juniper forests disappear quickly from the Earth. Breathe deeper trying to inhale healing phytoncides of juniper.

Panorama of mountains, forests, aquamarine of Green, Blue and Azure Bays, sea distances bordered with Cape Meganom and Cape Alchak from the east and vanishing in a blue haze of the Bear Mountain in the west, stand before you in all the greatness of the God's World. And if you'd like to know more about nature, history of this amazing land, we can offer you excursions with an experienced guide who is an enthusiast of Noviy Svet.


The first route goes to the mountain land of ancient herbs. You will ascend steps over thousand years old to relic pagan temples and imagine yourself a participant of old, sometimes bloody rites; as a Tauria warrior you will wait for enimies in the ambush in mountain crevices, climb up hanging stairs of juniper roots; imagine yourself a sea pirate in wait for wealthy loaded ships in Robber Bay. But Heaven Valley will be the main reward for you because its beauty truly competes with Eden.

Another route will go up Falcan Mountain. The road, made under the direction of prince Golitsyn at the end of the 19th century, was the only one connecting Noviy Svet with internal Crimea by land. Getting up to the St.Anastasia spring, that has water with healing characteristics, you will see a road neatly laid with stone plates, a bridge over a mountainous rivulet, meadows grown with with wild orchides. The better phisically trained guests can try their strenght and rise up Falcan Mountain.


Routes, offered in accordance with your wish, may differ in distance and complexity: some of them would be proper for you and your children, another – only for enduring and appropriately equipped persons. Your personal wishes as to excursion carrying out, for instance tea-drinking in Heaven Valley, a picnic at foothills of Falcan Mountain or swimming on Tsar Beach will be fulfilled. «Prince Golitsyn» Hotel staff wishes you pleasant rest and only the best impressions in Noviy Svet as well as desire for coming here again and again.





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