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Rest in Sudak

The town of Sudak (in the Medieval centuries called Sugdeya, Surozh, Soldaya) is one of the most popular recreation areas in Crimea. Majestic ruins of Genoese fortress and modern buildings of hotels, green gardens and vine-yards in valleys, rough beauty of mountains, parching heat and fresh breathing of breeze… All this is Sudak – one of the most original places of the South-Eastern Crimea.

Favorable climatic conditions, Suuk-Su river with its multiple tributaries and irrigative channels, fertile soils contributed this valley to turn into a well-known grape land of Crimea. Sudak is famous for winery since a long time because special sorts of vines grow on the mountain slopes, such as «Black Doctor», «Black Colonel», «Surozh», «Kokur» and many others which are known far abroad.

Sudak's climate is close to to the Southern Coast – mild without abrupt temperature changes. Sudak valley is protected by mountains and is open only towards the south. Northern and southern winds are prevailing. Summer heat is survived here easier due to daily air movements caused by the difference of temperatures between the land and the sea. Before the noon light sea breeze brings coolness from the sea chilled during night-time. After the noon breeze becomes stronger and in the evening – calms down. When the sun rises it is changed by a warm and dry breeze which, gradually strenghening, fills the air with smelly odors of the forest. Rest in Sudak is nice because Sudak has the least number of cloudy days among Crimean resorts - 65. In accordance with long-term data, precipitations are seldom and the sun shines 2550 hours a year (more than in Yalta - 2250). You can observe fluorescence of the sea during dark summer nights. A large sheaf of sparkles kindles when you throw a stone into water, and these sparkles blaze up when a wave runs agains the shore. This lightning is evoked by vital activity of micro-organisms.

Exceptionally apt combination of recreational factors – the generous sun, almost complete absence of clouds in summer, magnificent beaches with small pebbles and gradually deepening sea-bottom, pure sea-water without sharp fluctuations of temperature during summer months, a lot of possibilities for fascinating sea-trips and survey of multiple natural and historical memorials, abundance of fruit, vegetables and grapes – all this favored turning Sudak into a significant seaside resort.

During your rest in Sudak we recommend you to visit such main historical and architectural memorials as 'Genoese Fortress' state architectural and historical reserve (XI-XV centuries); a complex of monuments of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries, connected with the activity of prince L.Golitsyn: the palace of Golitsyn, a guest house, manufacturing underground and ground constructions of the Champaign Wines Factory, Golitsyn's path (a grotto), Golitsyn's vault (Noviy Svet); Funk's Residence (XIX century), the building of a local hospital (the second half of the 19th century), Pokrov Church (the end of the 17th century), Kirha (XIX century), the fountain of XVI-XIX centuries), Paraksevvy Church (X century), Roman Fortress (II century BC - I century AC) in Veseloye village, Chaban-Kule Tower (XIV-XV centuries) in Morskoye village, Iliya Church (X-XI centuries) in Solnechnaya Dolina village, the Medieval settlement and a church (Noviy Svet, near to Falcan Mountain), burial ground, a menger and a barrow of the Early Iron period (Bogatovka village), the Medieval plate burial ground (X-XIII centuries) in Sudak.

«Liberation of Sudak» stele is set up on the territory of Sudak which is a memorable mark on spot of Sudak descent debarkation in January, 1942 (the wharf). A poet and a dramatist, academician V.Kapnist; a poetess and a translator A.Gertsik; an economist N.Zeeber; the founder of Champaign Wine Factory prince L.Golitsyn; poets V.Rykov, M.Medvedev, O.Trebushnoy, T.Aliunova, M.Lezin; a writer V.Vinnikov, an archaeologist M.Frondjulo lived in Sudak. Sudak was visited by M.Voloshin, M.Tsvetayeva, N.Berdyayev, a poetess and a literary critic S.Parnok, poets S.Gorodetskiy, A.Griboyedov, A.Akhmatova, A.Beliy, writers A.Tolstoy, M.Bulgakov, A.Grin.

Come to rest in Sudak – 'Prince Golitsyn' Hotel will meet you cordially any time of the year!


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