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     «Paradise» - «Noviy Svet» is situated 6 km westward from Sudak. The road towards it goes close to the sea, turning around foothills of Kush-Kaya Rock, called in Russian Falcan Mountain. This place, presently occupied by a wine factory, was called «Paradise» during Greek-Bysanthium and Genoese period in Crimean history. «Paradeisos» in Old Greek ment «a garden, a park», and in poets' works - Heaven. 


And indeed this place is very picturesque. Mountains coverd with piny and juniper forest, come close to the sea, and two prominances of Falcan Mountan from the east and Karaul-Oba from the west formed a beautiful and cosy bay with unique micro-climate. After Russian conquest (1783) Catherine II gave this place as a gift to French emigrant, Savoy noble Galere. But Savoy noble did not own it for a long time.  

In the beginning of ХIX-th century this lovely and beautiful nook belongs to Princess Anna Golitsyna. But Golitsyna were not for a long time here because in 20th years of the XIX-th century she lived on the Southern Coast in Koreiz after selling “Paradise” to Prince Kherhulidze. Prince Kherhulidze by witness of Dubua da Montpero, thought to set up a winery here and called it «Noviy Svet». After his death heirs sold the estate to Prince Golitsyn.

  In 1878 Lev Golitsyn arrives to Noviy Svet for the first time. The history of ancient Surozh (Sudak) was well-known for him but Noviy Svet bay amazed the prince with its beauty, and he gave it all his wealth and life. This wild and free part of Crimea was a real incarnation of Golitsyn's character.

L.Golitsyn got up onto one of mountainous peaks surrounding a blue bay. His heart was beating with ecstasy. He was bewildered by this charm:

All's quiet… only sometimes
cicada's voice's heard,
The sea bears wave after wave,
And all the bay's surrounded by a large
Falcan mountain and its sharp peak

  At the same time in September 1878 the first laying of Bordeaux wine was made and experiments started for sparkling wines production by champaign method. The will and thoughts of Russian wine-maker to organize champaign factory became apparant exactly in Noviy Svet estate. Noviy Svet went as a break line through the whole life of prince Golitsyn, it was his child and the crown of all his creative researches in winery.

Champaign quality went up and up with every output. 1899 year output was the most successful. It received the highest reward at Paris Show in 1900. 

Golitsyn can truly be called the founder of Russian champaign. All the attempts before him were quite amateurish and left no traces.

«Talking about researches by Golitsyn of making sparkling wines we cannot pass by the cellars made by him in Noviy Svet… These cellars were started about 1890 and by 1900 they had a length of more than two versts: about one half of them was made specially for sparkling wines. 

In July of 1912 emperor Nikolay II after being invited by L.Golitsyn visited Noviy Svet estate. Prince Golitsyn offered Noviy Svet as a gift to his sovereign. In accordance with the conditions of Golitsyn the State should create in Noviy Svet the whole academy of wine-making and Golitsyn himself should become the president of this academy for his lifetime with the right to live at the estate till his death. In spite of future expenses the Tsar became interested in this plan. But due to unstable political situation in the country these plans were not executed. 

Last years of Lev Golitsyn's life were spent in relative poverty, he was ill, under constant care of one of his daughters. He died of pneumonia on 26 of December, 1915 and burried in the quiet of his estate far away from terrible events after the World War I start in 1914.

In the house where the famous wine-maker of Russian Empire lived, a museum is acting now after his name and excursions are carried out with candles and champaign wines tasting during evening time. The work, started by Lev Golitsyn in 1878, lives and prospers. Today Noviy Svet Champaign Wines Factory makes 18 kinds of champaign. Excursions with wine tasting are held at the factory: manufacture, tsar's, dry champaigns and historical excursions.

If you stay at Prince Golitsyn Hotel named after prince Lev Golitsyn who was the founder of wine making in Russian Empire, it is possible to visit any mentioned excursion and taste wonderful champaign in the hotel restaurant.





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